PGS Unit


High-Voltage Pulsed Galvanic Stimulation
In contrast to TENS and IFC units, which apply alternating current, galvanic stimulators apply direct current. Devices in this class are characterized by a unique twin- peak monophasic waveform with very short pulse duration (microseconds) and a therapeutic voltage greater than 100 volts. The combination of very short pulse duration and high peak current, yet low total current per second (Microcurrent) allows relatively comfortable stimulation. Furthermore, this combination provides an efficient means of exciting sensory, motor and pain-conducting nerve fibers. Perceptual discrimination of those responses is relatively easy to achieve and thus its clinical versatility. Back Ground Skin offers a great amount of resistance to the flow of electrical current. When current is passed through a circuit that contains resistors, voltage drop occurs and energy is lost. This phenomenon occurs when traditional low voltage units are used in treatment A high voltage device produces a spontaneous breakdown in skin resistance and HVPGS current passes through the skin with negligible thermal and electrochemical effect.

Technical Specifications: 
Power:9volt battery
Output:Single Channel
Output Voltage:0-240V Max. (Single Channel, Load 500 Ohm) 0-350V Max. (Open Circuit)
Pulse Rate:2-100 Hz
Waveform:Positive or negative wave form.
Output Mode:Synchronous or Alternation. Alteration mode-LED alternates between green and red color.
Power:Green color LED-power on. Red color LED-low battery.
Pulse Duration:5µs.
Tolerance:+ or– 20%