Re-Vert Sequential Compression System

The Re-vert Sequential Compression System is a gradient sequential, pneumatic compression device that is remarkably effective! Providing consistent, continuous gradient pressure, this state-of-the-art therapy is the most efficient modality for treating primary and secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency and recalcitrant open wounds. Portable, quiet, and easy to operate, the Re-vert Compression System is used with comfortable bio-comfort garments that are the perfect therapeutic application for home, hospital, or clinics.

Symptoms / Indications:

  • Primary and Secondary Lymphedema
    • Post Mastectomy Lymphedema
    • Post Groin Dissection Lymphedema
    • Congenital Lymphedema (Milroy's Disease)
    • Distal or Proximal Obliteration
  • Venous and Lymphatic Insufficiency
    • Crural Ulcer
    • Prevention of Thrombosis
  • Post Traumatic, Post Paralytic, and Other Edemas

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces pain
  • Mimics the lymphatic system
  • Promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper physiological direction (distal to proximal)
  • Stimulates circulation to promote wound healing
  • Delivers continuous flow
  • Bilateral operation
  • Provides effective prophylaxis for venous thrombosis
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use, cost effective

Garments Available


For Lymphedema:

Advanced sequential gradient compression therapy that can provide dramatic results & help restore mobility in lymphedema and other conditions such as venous stasis ulcers.


(3 weeks of treatment)