DME Service Program


Our In-Office Mobility DME Program Works!

  • We specialize in pain and mobility issues.
  • Our DME products are non-invasive.
  • Our DME products are non-narcotic.
  • Our products and services are cost effective.

How do we help your practice?

  • We help ensure compliance with State and Federal Guidelines for prescribing opiates.
  • Conservative care is the primary line of defense against the prescription drug abuse epidemic which is endangering doctor's practices.
  • In-office mobility DME creates a turn-key, hassle-free system which allows conservative care to be as easy as writing a script.
  • In-office conservative care specialists offer same day services to your patients.

How do we help your patients?

  • State of the art head-to-toe DME product line
  • All DME products are Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance approved
  • Cost effective:
    • Insurance verification is done up front
    • Most patients receive our DME products at little to no cost to them due to our national, regional, and state insurance contracts
    • Self pay options are available

Why choose Re-vert Systems?

  • Re-vert Systems is the solution to stay ahead of the prescription drug abuse epidemic.
  • Re-vert Systems ensures compliance with State and Federal Guidelines for prescribing opiates.
  • Re-vert Systems is accredited by the Joint Commission since 2008.
  • We have been helping providers with conservation care since 1996.
  • We have the insurance contracts to provide your patients with the service and products they need.

How do we make conservative care hassle free?

  • We will put a Mobility Care Specialist in you office full time at no cost to your practice.
  • Our Mobility Care Specialists take care of the patient paperwork, patient fitting, patient education, and patient follow up.

What doctors have to say about our services: 

  • Sidney Williams, MD, DAAPM, "As a Diplomate for the American Academy of Pain Management, I can attest that providing counseling about braces and TENS units is good pain management. Having a Re-vert technician on site increases the likelihood that proper fit and use of the product will empower my patients to take control of the pain, with less emphasis on opioid medications."
  • Alexander Frank, MD, "I have put this system on hundreds of patients from 20 to 95 years of age and uniformly they experience almost immediate relief." 
  • Harvey Jenkins, MD, PhD, Spine Surgeon, "Some patients have been able to avoid surgery. These systems allows people to have quality of life again."

What patients have to say: 

  • Deleta W., "Joint Technology Systems has provided excellent service to me as well as handling all paperwork and contacts to insurance companies for the care provider."
  • Leon O., "This unit has gave me more mobility and let me have a much better attitude. Thank you very much for a new lease on life. The degree of pain in my pelvis has gone from a 10 to a 2, and the pain in my back has gone from a 10 to a 3 with the use of this unit."

Let Re-vert Systems help you with your patients!